Know before you go

SNOPRO helps you navigate through avalanche terrain. Do you read the avalanche bulletin every morning? Are you aware of the altitude, steepness and orientation of every descent you make? What if visibility is low due to fog or snowfall? Let SNOPRO help you navigate avalanche terrain!

Bird's eye view

Study a detailed avalanche map of your ski area and use it to plan a safe day in powder snow. An overlay of 5 distinct colours represents the 5 avalanche danger levels of that day on every slope around you.


Developed by professionals, for professionals & enthusiasts. SNOPRO works exclusively with current, official avalanche bulletins. SNOPRO is recommended by IFMGA Mountain Guides from several countries.

Risk free trial

Test SNOPRO for as little as € 1,99. Your beacon, shovel, probe and ABS backpack cost more than €1000,- and only help after you've skied into an avalanche*.

*Never, ever ski off piste without a beacon, shovel and probe, not even right next to the groomers.
Learn how to use them from an IFMGA Mountain Guide.

Aim & Go

Use this on the go: Point your phone at your goal and SNOPRO will show you the current danger level. Compare directions to choose the safest line. Works even in dense fog.

Topo maps

Proprietary maps developed by SNOPRO.

Price plans

1 day € 2,29*
1 week € 8,99*
1 season €16,99*

*Special price plans available through selected partners.

NB: Avalanche data is only available in the winter season

Navigate with confidence

  • Point your phone camera at your goal

  • SNOPRO tells you the avalanche danger levels

  • Compare directions and danger levels

  • Choose the best and wisest itinerary

Plan your day in avalanche terrain

Study the terrain map of your ski area first thing in the morning. Sync to upload the latest avalanche data and see avalanche danger ratings painted onto your map with a distinct color scheme. From now on it's so much easier to choose the best terrain with the lowest avalanche danger.

You can even compare different ski areas - sometimes a short drive will give you access to great terrain with lower danger ratings.

At this moment we cover the Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

For France, Switzerland and Tirol and Voralberg in Austria, the avalanche data is detailed to local level. For Italy and the rest of Austria the coverage can be of a broader area which can result in some deviations on detailed local levels. We are working hard to have those areas also at the highest accuracy level.

Why guess?

From now on it's easy to decide on facts

Reliable sources

SNOPRO works exclusively with up-to-date avalanche data from the most reliable forecast providers.
At this moment we cover the Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Easy to use

In the field you may be tired, under time pressure or skiing in low visibility. That is why we designed SNOPRO to be easy, quick and intuitive to use.

Supporting the avalanche community

We all benefit from the work of dedicated professionals that help make the mountains safer. That is why SNOPRO pledges 1% of revenues of the 2015/2016 season to organisations dedicated to avalanche education & control.

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